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Dave Fred AKA Don Fred Stingray shipping surf and turf shipping this man is a thief he is everything that you don't want to deal with .He will rip you off rip the drivers off. He dose not pay the driver .leave them stranded in California from Tennessee it doesn't matter to him as long as he gets the confirmation code through u ship he doesn't care about anything else he does not have proper Insurance No DOT Numbers please check this company out first Dave Fred is a rip-off he writes his employer's bad checks

Product or Service Mentioned: Stingray Transportation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I wish people would leave their name behind these False allegations. How could I leave someone stranded?

Anyone is free to do what they want. It is because this driver did not have any money of his own and used the company card for his personal use. Not my fault when I try to help someone with a job and they get disgruntled. Did not write bad check also.

I could go further, though as they say, there are two sides to ever story.. Here is my number and it has not changed in years.

If anyone has a problem, please give me a call. 865-309-6984

Stingray Transportation - Theft from David aka Don Fred

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Hires/brokers you off of craigslist. Gives you a list of items to buy and a company gas card then sends you on your way.

Your only contact is mostly by text as he never answers his phone unless he needs something like a confirmation code for uships payment process and the end of the load. So *** he will spend 30 dollars to overnight a check instead of spending 5 bucks on two day priority mail. How desperate for money and that should have been a red flag right there. He pays you the first couple of times and gains your trust after battling the paperwork he tries to *** on for every penny he can get away with in hopes that you catch it and question it.

After the second or third paycheck its all down hill. He rights and checks and says hold them until such and such date. By the time your back on the road and he comes up with some sob story of why you cant deposit the money your 2000 miles from home and he cancels your gas card after you dropped off a east coast to west coast load. He made his money and now here you are stranded at thanksgiving hoping to eat dinner with your wife and kids but you cannot get home because you don't have a dime to your name.

I don't understand how a person could be so cold hearted. He definitely must be a poor manager at money. Looks like he filed bankruptcy recently, wife left him, and he lives with his mom? I guess that explain the desperation for ripping people off and ruining lives.

I just wish i didn't put this review off for so long. I just happened to start researching him.

I found out for all you other ripped off drivers of this guy that if you have any of your uncashed checks from him he could possibly have a bench warrant sworn out for him and could be eligible to pay 3 times the face value of each check. Maybe a weekend at blount county detention center might wake him up.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dave Fred/ Don McGhee. String ray. Just got his a×× busted.

to Anonymous Hillsville, Virginia, United States #1275736

Really? Its about time!

Alcoa, Tennessee, United States #1225832

Capecci, Steve

Role: ProgMgr

Title: Principal

Phone: 617-354-0167


Contacts to Report to FMCSA for Tennessee Dierberger, Jon Role: FMCSA-St Title: Division Administrator Phone: 615-781-5782 Email: Douglas, Brandon Role: ProgMgr Title: Trooper Phone: 615-743-4972 Email:

White Pine, Tennessee, United States #1225504

David richard Don Stacey fred is at it again, the man with 6 first names, lol...Hope someone puts him in jail. He owes me money too.

He is one slick dude. I don't know how he manages to pull things off as long as he has without any consequences.

Athens, Tennessee, United States #1224366

He also owns Surf and turf shipping and Stingray transport. He apparently doesn't operate under surf and turf shipping as the website is down.

Stingray transport is his uship id but it states on the uship webpage that they are stingray shippers of knoxville. However, they are located in maryville and have a phone number with a 423 prefix. Hum....Sounds like he is all over the board. His terms and conditions are pretty much the same on his stingray transport and dave fred surf and turf shipping terms and conditions.

He lists on uship that they have 2 trucks and 2 drivers but he lists three models of trucks, and feedback thanking various drivers and of course Don aka Dave Fred,hum...Notice both companies do alot of business with cranky ape on both accounts, hum....Notice that stingray transport started their uship account in November of 2015 about the time that the dave fred surf and turf shipping uship account was suspended by uship.

This page still exists:

Just a little info to add. He owes me $$$$ too!

Grainger County, Tennessee, United States #1222399

Ripped me off too! Owes me a months worth of driving wages plus I'm stuck with about three hundred dollars of equipment I don't need.

Walland, Tennessee, United States #1221068

What a ***! He owes me money too.

I tried finding arrest records on him with no luck.

However I see one of his daughters that is associated with his business address was incarcerated twice in blount county jail for driving under the influence. I hopes shes not a driver, lol...

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